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Recently Added


Kotatsu Heater tables and kotatsu futons

Zabuton Cushions

Japanese Bonsai Stands

Japanese Garden Ornaments

Clothing Chests


Fabulous 1830's Byobu Folding Screen

New Futon Designs

Butsudan Buddhist Altar


Vintage Display Cabinets

Futon Chest

Lots and lots of Kokeshi Dolls

Sewing & Cosmetics Boxes

Transoms (Ranma)

Vintage Japanese Tea Chests


Netsuke & Okimono

Za Isu Legless Chairs


Shoji Lamps

Religious Statues

Japanese Obi  (On Sale - 60% off for Loyalty Members)

Copper Rain Chains




We are importers of Hand-picked Japanese Antiques, Furniture, Art, Kimono, Patchwork Fabric, Futon, Interior, Tatami, Kotatsu, Ceramics, Décor and Garden Features.


 We Guarantee Authenticity, Quality, Age & BEST PRICE* on all of our products


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Due to our large number of inventory, we cannot possibly put all of our pieces on our website. We have a very large range of new dinnerware, racks of kimono and thousands of smaller items which are not on the site. Most of our Japanese Furniture is listed, although, this site represents about 50% of our entire range.


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