Clothing Chests - Isho dansu

In Japan, clothing chests (tansu or isho dansu) were traditionally kept in the kura (storehouse). Isho dansu were made to fit kimono. That is why most Japanese antique clothing tansu have a similar dimensions. In the early Meiji period 1870's the chests made their way out into the house mainly due to the elaborate metal-ware on the Sendai clothing chests. They became more attractive and desirable.

It is legend that Paulownia trees (Kiri) were planted when a daughter was born. These would reach maturity fast enough so that they could be harvested and used to make wedding chests.

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Chest Types


Japanese Merchant's Chests - Choba dansuJapanese Small BoxesJapanese Step Chests - Kaidan DansuJapanese Tea Chests - Cha DansuJapanese Medicine Chests - Kusuri DansuJapanese Display Chests - Kazari DanaJapanese Shoe Chest - Geta Bako

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Kanon Biraki Isho Dansu

Age Late Edo Period (ca. 1860)
Height 1040mm
Width 980mm
Depth 440mm
Wood Kiri (Paulownia)
Region Kanto
Price $2590

Vintage Clothing Chest

Age Early Showa Period (ca. 1930)
Height 1045mm
Width 930mm
Depth 430mm
Wood Kiri & Hinoki (Paulownia & Cypress)
Region Kyoto
Price $1490
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Antique Clothing Tansu

Age Late Meiji (ca. 1900-1910)
Height 1060mm
Width 900mm
Depth 420mm
Wood Paulownia (Kiri)
Price $1520

Vintage Wedding Chest

Age Showa (ca. 1960's)
Height 1740mm
Width 1150mm
Depth 490mm
Wood Paulownia (Kiri)
Price $1485

Meiji Period Clothing Tansu

Age Meiji - ca. 1890's
Height 1030mm
Width 940mm
Depth 430mm
Wood Kiri & Sugi (Paulownia & Cedar)
Price $1685
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Vintage Wedding Chest

Age Showa Period (ca. 1960)
Height 1750mm
Width 1115mm
Depth 460mm
Wood Kiri (Paulownia)
Region Kyoto
This is the best quality wedding chest we have imported.
Comes with keys.
Price $2792
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Antique Clothing Tansu

Age ca 1890 Meiji Period
Height 1050mm
Width 930mm
Depth 435mm
Wood Kiri & Sugi (Paulownia & Cedar)
Price $1621
Special $1199
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