Sold Items

Here is some of our sold items

Hopefully, if there is something here that you like then we can try and source you one on our next trips.

Daisies & Buttercups by the Stream Painting

1950's Hand Painting - Grapevine & Birds

Blue & White Hibachi Pot - Sensu

FU14 - Japanese Furniture - Mahogany Zataku Table

Mahogany Zataku Table

Japanese Bonsai Stand

Japanese Bonsai Stand - Kadai

Antique Bronze Bonsho Temple Bell

ZB91 - Japanese Zabuton Cushion

Japanese Zabuton Cushion

Nigatsu Folding Table

Shoji Doors

CS07 - Japanese Ceramics - Aqua Glaze Vase

Aqua Glaze Vase

Antique Step Chest (Kaidan dansu)

SU01 - Japanese Sake Sign

Japanese Sake Shop Sign

Japanese Art - Woman feeding child - glass painting

Reverse Glass Painting - Woman feeding child

Shigaraki Tanuki

Shigaraki Tanuki

Kutani Hotei - Laughing Buddha

Asahi Beer Crate

SL01 - Japanese Shop Signs - Sushi Menu

Sushi Menu

Samurai Painting

Yuzen Paper Tansu

Small Taiko Drum

ZB98 - Japanese Zabuton Cushion

Japanese Zabuton - Set of 5

CO53 - Japanese Ceramics - Kutani Pheasant Vase

Kutani Pheasant Vase

CS05 - Japanese Ceramics - Kutani Cherry Blossom Vase

Kutani Cherry Blossom Vase