Japanese Teaware

We have a wide variety of tea-ware.

This includes items for tea ceremony including stands, furo, mizuya, chawan, chasen, mizusashi, natsume, fukusa, tetsubin etc.


ca. 1970
Size H16  x W13.5  x D13.5  cm
Price $98
Shipping Category 2

Iron Kettle - Tetsubin

Age ca 1900
Height 27cm
Width 19cm
Depth 22cm
Volume approx 2.5L
Iron & Bronze
Region Shiga
As with all antique tetsubin this is rusty on the inside. It can be cleaned by boiling sencha.
Price $395

Tetsubin - Iron Teapot

Age Showa 30 (1955)

Height 320mm

Width 240mm

Depth 210mm

Material Iron

as is


Price $225

Shipping Category 3

1926 Tetsubin - Iron Teapot

Age Taisho 15 (1926)

Height 250mm

Width 210mm

Depth 170mm

Material Iron

as is


Price $280

Shipping Category 3

Tea Ceremony Mizuya

Age Showa (ca. 1960's)
Height 1210mm
Width 910mm
Depth 430mm
Wood Bamboo & Cedar (Take & Sugi)
Region Kyoto
Price $1290

Tea Ceremony Chado Set

Tea Ceremony Set


  • summer & winter chawan (tea bowls)
  • mizusashi (ewer)
  • kensui (waste water bowl)
  • hishaku (ladle)
  • chasen & chashaku (whisk & scoop)
  • chakin (napkin)

all held inside a wooden box made from Mulberry


Shipping category 5


Rodatami for tea ceremony

Mats are made from 90 x 90 x 5cm tatami.

When ordering please advise which side and size you want the cut out. The default is top left 42.4 x 42.4cm and we carry these in stock


$259 with the cut piece included

or $1359 in an unframed teahouse set or $1583 framed