Japanese masks are part of a very old and highly sophisticated and stylized theatrical tradition. The oldest masks are the gigaku. The form no longer exists, and was probably a type of dance presentation. The bugaku developed from this – a complex dance-drama that used masks with movable jaws.

The Noh mask evolved from the gigaku and bugaku and is the supreme achievement of Japanese mask-making. Noh masks represent gods, men, women, madmen and devils, and each category has many sub-divisions. Noh plays are acted entirely by men. The masks are worn throughout very long performances and are consequently very light. Kyōgen are short farces with their own masks, and accompany the tragic Noh plays. Kabuki is the theatre of modern Japan, rooted in the older forms, but masks are replaced by painted faces.   

Most masks fit inside satchels which will be $19.95 nationwide

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Buddhist Mask

Age Showa (ca. 1950)

Height 340mm

Width 200mm

Depth 140mm



Price $80

Shipping Category 3

Buddhist Mask

Age Showa (ca. 1950)

Height 410mm

Width 190mm

Depth 140mm


Price $88

Shipping Category 3


Height 230mm

Width 170mm

Depth 90mm

Material Wood


Price $75

Wooden Mask

Looks like it comes from somewhere in the South Pacific.

Size  21 x 18 x 8cm

Price $66