Merchant Chests - Choba dansu

Japanese Merchant Chests (Choba dansu) were found all over Japan in stores and used by travelling merchants.

These often have hidden safety boxes where valuable documents and treasures were stored. 

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Antique Strongbox - Zeni bako

Age Meiji Period (ca. 1880)
Height 260mm
Width 270mm
Depth 450mm
Wood Sugi (Japanese cedar)
In original condition.
These were used by merchants to keep their money in. Similar to a modern day till. Coins could be dropped through the slot without opening the box.
Price $398

Meiji Period Choba Dansu

Age Early Meiji Period (ca. 1870)
Height 880mm
Width 880mm
Depth 440mm
Wood Sugi & Hinoki (Japanese cedar & Cypress)
Region Gifu
Price $1839
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Antique Merchant's Chest

Age Late Meiji Period (ca. 1900)
Height 530mm
Width 1135mm
Depth 400mm
Wood Keyaki & Sugi (Elm & mountain cedar)
Price $929
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Fabulous Antique Merchant's Chest

Age Mid-Meiji Period (ca. 1880)
Height 1040mm
Width 1150mm
Depth 475mm
Wood Sugi (Japanese cedar)
If you collect tansu then you will love this piece. Possibly this was in a pharmacy, tailor's or fabric shop
Price $2784
Special $1996
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