Japanese Doors

We have a few types of doors available.

The Kura Doors are heavy and were used on storerooms that stored valuable items not on display in the main house. Due to their size and strength they make impressive dining tables.

The Yoshido Doors were also known as summer reed doors because they allowed cool breezes to ventilate a Japanese home. These were stored during winter and replaced the shoji and fusuma during the warmer months. Hinged together they make excellent screens.

Fusuma are panels which can slide from side to side to act as a partition within a room or as a door. They were traditionally painted, often with landscape or animal scenes. They typically run on wooden rails at the top and bottom and can be easily converted into a cupboard door or hinged to use as a working door.

The Entrance Doors are, as the name states, used as gateways to the front of the property or house.

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