Japanese Doors

These are several different doors in Japanese houses.

Kura do is a heavy door used to lock up storerooms that kept valuable items not on display in the main house. Due to their size and strength they make impressive dining table tops.

Yoshido is also known as a summer reed door because it allows cool breezes to ventilate a Japanese home. These are stored during winter and replace the shoji and fusuma during the warmer months. Hinged together they make excellent screens.

Fusuma are delicate sliding door panels which can act as a partition within a room or as a door. They were traditionally painted, often with landscape or animal scenes. They typically run on wooden rails at the top and bottom and can be easily converted into a cupboard door or hinged to use as a working door.

Itado translates to plank door. These were often made using timber from a cross section of a single tree.

Kōshido (Kohshido) is a sliding lattice door frequently seen at the entrance gate of a house. The slats keep out intruders while allowing a mix of transparency and privacy to the residence. These were commonly seen outside machiya in Kyoto.

A Shoji is a door, window or room divider used in traditional Japanese architecture. They consist of a lattice frame covered in a rice paper. Shoji were commonly found in houses in place of windows and verandah doors to allow light into the houses before electricity.

Shoji Doors

ca. 1930
Size H 175 x  W 69.5 x  D 3cm

Price $390

Set of 3 Fusuma Doors

ca. 1920
Door Size H 177 x  W 113 x  D 3cm

Price $725

Itado Door

ca. 1970's
Size H 177 x  W 82 x  D 3cm
Price $195

Itado Pair

ca. 1920
Enji stained cedar
Size H 177.5 x  W 98.5 x  D 3cm

Price $465

Itado Shed Door

ca. 1930
Hinged cedar door 
Size H 172 x  W 92 x  D 3cm
Price $200

Itado Shed Door

ca. 1930
Hinged cedar door 
Size H 173 x  W 85 x  D 3cm
Price $225

Koshi-do Entrance Door Pair

ca. 1920
Enji stained cedar
Pair Size H 181 x  W 194 x  D 3cm

Price $565

Itado Door

ca. 1920
Size H 174 x  W 95 x  D 3cm
Price $275
Buy all 3 for $620

Kōshi-do Entrance Door

ca. 1930
Size H 177 x  W 94 x  D 3cm
Price $475

Itado Door

Door Size H 174 x  W 94 x  D 3cm
Price $275 each
Buy all 4 for $825

Kōshi-do Entrance Door Pair

Pair Size H 177 x  W 185 x  D 3cm
Price $795

Kōshi-do Entrance Door Pair

ca. 1930's
Sugi - Japanese cedar
Pair Size H 177 x  W 194 x  D 3cm
Price $825

Fabulous Kura Door

Ca 1890

185 x 108 x 6cm

Keyaki & Hinoki - Elm & Cypress

A heavy door

Price $1695

Kura Door

ca. 1910

Size 182 x 116 x 5cm

Keyaki & Sugi - Elm & Cedar

Price $1520

Lacquered Yoshido

Summer Reed Door - Yoshido

177 x 72 x 3cm - 3 left

177 x 94 x 3cm - 2 left

$130 per door