Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that were frequently used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. They make an excellent re-usable alternative to Christmas/Birthday wrapping paper.

Due to their size the larger furoshiki can be used as Wall Hangings, Table Cloths or for Patchwork.


Domestic shipping is done with courier satchels and charged at $11.95 (up to 3m to major centres only), $15.95 (up to 20m nationwide) or $19.95 (up to 33m nationwide)

Overnight Priority Satchels to any major destination $27 for up to 3kgs (approx. 15m)

We now ship to NZ $20/kg (min charge is for 1kg - about 5m)

To purchase please call 07 5576 4488  Credit card payments can be made over the telephone, otherwise you may deposit into our bank account. Details available upon request

Last Updated 11th May 2024

Furoshiki - throwing star Furoshiki

Price $50

Size 105 x 105cm

Material 100% High Quality Cotton

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