Kotatsu (heater) Tables

A kotatsu is a low table with a built-in heater and a removable table top. Traditionally, these were only made from wood. However, these days they are also made with MDF or even plastic. We do not import the plastic kotatsu that you often see online. 

The kotatsu is usually set-up on a thin mattress (shikibuton). The table top is removed from the frame and a doona-like piece (kotatsubuton) is placed over the kotatsu frame. The table top is then placed on top of the kotatsubuton. The electric heater attached to the underside of the table heats the space under the rug, and anyone who happens to be snuggled under it.

These are made for use in Japan and require a transformer to use in Australia. If you do not use a step-down transformer it will blow the heater when you plug it into the power outlet and it will not work. Heater units are between 300w and 600w and will use 70 - 170 watts per hour. So if you are paying $0.25/kWh then it will cost you less than 5 cents per hour to run

We currently only offer kotatsu in full sets which include the Heater table & Kotatsubuton Set (Mattress & Quilt).

If not included in a package, you will need a step-down transformer so that you can use your kotatsu safely. The best economy transformers start at $170. We recommend better quality transformers that you can purchase and use for your kotatsu as well as Japanese rice cookers or amplifiers.

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Last Updated 7th Nov 2023

Square Brown Kotatsu - Grey Kotatsubuton

Includes a transformer, Kotatsu Heater Table, and Grey Striped Mattress & Quilt (Made in Japan).
size 80 x 80cm
Pick up $1198
Sydney $1256
Hunter $1268
ACT $1276
Melbourne $1286
Tasmania $1336
Adelaide $1304
Perth $1352
Other non-Metropolitan areas POA

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New Shipment

We have rectangular tables 

120 x 80cm coming in our December shipment