Sashiko Supplies

Sashiko is the traditional Japanese technique of needlework quilting originally practised by Japanese farmers and fishermen many centuries ago. As cloth and thread were in short supply, they used a running-stitch technique to mend torn or worn clothing. Sashiko (lit. stab-stitch) refers to the small running stitch that is worked to build up distinctive patterns ideal for patchwork. 

We sell stencilled fabric, thread, needles, thimbles, chako paper, tracing wheels and fabric pencils.

Domestic shipping is done with courier satchels and charged at $11.95 (up to 3m to major centres only), $15.95 (up to 20m nationwide) or $19.95 (up to 33m nationwide)

Overnight Priority Satchels to any major destination $27 for up to 3kgs (approx. 15m)

We now ship to NZ $20/kg (min charge is for 1kg - about 5m)