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Our futons are made in Japan using the highest grade cotton available. They comprise of a blend using 90 % of premium quality Mexican cotton and 10% Polyactide Acid (Bioplastic) PLA. This blend will assist the mattress to maintain its shape and keep it cooler than a 100% cotton mattress.

Follow the care instructions and you should get 5 - 8 years out of your futon. 



90% cotton  

10% PLA filling



100% cotton


90 x 203 x 10cm


140 x 200cm

Normal 3.5kg

Lightweight 3kg


120 x 203 x 10cm


170 x 200cm

Normal 5.1kg

Lightweight 3.8kg


 153 x 203 x 10cm


205 x 200cm

Normal 5.9kg

Lightweight 4.5kg


 183 x 203 x 10cm


235 x 200cm

Normal 6.7kg

Lightweight 5.2kg

* Polyactide acid (PLA) is a bioplastic made from plant materials
**Note the thickness of the mattress is approx height in the centre of the piece prior to vacuum packing. This size is achievable by sunning the mattress after opening the vacuum bag. The length & width show the size the mattress will become after use.