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All cotton filled Premium Quality

These are available individually or discounted in Futon Sets

Kakebuton are the Japanese doona

These come in two weights.

Lightweight is suitable for temperate climates in winter.

Normal weight is suitable for the cooler regions in winter.

All traditional sets include a lightweight kakebuton

These prices are for quilt only purchases

Single Quilt 140 x 200cm;

Lightweight/Normal 3.0/3.5kg

uncovered $460

Traditional cover $559 lightweight only

Patterned cover $639

Semi-double Quilt 170 x 200cm;

Lightweight/Normal 3.8/5.1kg

uncovered $519

Traditional cover $648 lightweight only

Patterned cover $718

Queen Quilt 205 x 200cm;

Lightweight/Normal 4.5/5.9kg

uncovered $589

Traditional cover $746 lightweight

Patterned cover $808

King Quilt 235 x 200cm;

Lightweight/Normal 5.2/6.7kg
Lightweight/Normal Uncovered $669

Traditional cover $834  Lightweight only

Patterned Cover $918

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Naomi will make you a patterned quilt cover if requested. You can choose from any design on this page. We will also make them to fit your existing quilt/doona.

What's the difference between these and the other versions?

Traditionally, kakebuton quilts are covered with a white sheet cover (see the image below) which doesn't always show off the pattern. So we have reversed the design and have used the plain white material to go on the outside of the quilt and used the patterned fabric to make the covers with.