Yoshitaki - Assassin - kabuki

Title Assassin - kabuki

Artist Yoshitaki Utagawa 1841-1899

Signature Yoshitaki.

Dated Ca. 1870's.

Impression Excellent - very good ... embossed.

Colours Very good ... Orange colours partially oxidised.

Condition Very good ... Lightly soiled, sheets pasted together, the middle sheet slightly wavy, album backing. The left edge of the left sheet trimmed.

Description Kabuki scene. Ketani Mondo (Middle: played by Nakamura Fukusuke) visits Oyuki-no-kata (Right: Jitsukawa Masatomo) holding a room lamp and a sword which he hides on his back.

Format 3 Chuban

Width 52.5 cm

Height 24.5 cm


Price $565

Yoshitaki Utagawa, 1841-1899    
His original name was Nakai Yoshitaki. Yoshitaki was a pupil of Yoshiume. He became a member of the so-called Kamigata-e school. From about 1860 to 1880 he was a leading member of the Osaka school - famous for actor prints.